Monday, December 14, 2015

The State is the Fruit, not the Root of All Evil

Some libertarians like to characterize the state as the root of all evil, but - if one wants to stick with this terminology - it can actually be much more aptly characterized as the fruit of all evil. It's not the source of aggression and violence, but their most advanced institutional manifestation. It not so much creates social vices as it channels them. Its power resides not in guns, bombs, and military bases, but in fundamentally misguided collective beliefs and desires.

In other words, the only revolution (or evolution) that can genuinely defeat it is a mental, intellectual, moral, and spiritual one, which - as such - can and must be orderly and peaceful. Please bear that in mind when talking of "smashing the state" or "starving the beast". Know thy enemy, lest ye become him.

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