Tuesday, April 14, 2015

International Socialism Invariably Degenerates Into National Socialism

International socialism (statism, interventionism, bureaucratism) invariably degenerates into national socialism. As it coercively redistributes resources between different national groups, it foments their mutual animosity and makes their members look upon each other as parasites and exploiters. Thus, while they are reinforced in their coercive, collectivist mentality, they start clamoring for decomposing the existing supra-tribal collectivism into a variety of tribal ones. The end result is that one layer of coercive collectivism (bureaucratic statism) is strengthened by another layer of coercive collectivism (nationalistic tribalism). This is yet another illustration of the old and plain truth that institutional coercion of any kind can only lead to ever more institutional coercion, and that nothing but unconditional respect for individual liberty can civilize social relations, both on a national and international scale.

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