Monday, January 30, 2023

A De Facto World Government Does Not Have to Be Established De Iure to Wreak Global Havoc

A de iure world government is unnecessary to envelop the whole earth with the tentacles of global totalitarianism. In other words, achieving the ultimate goal of statism does not require the creation of world ministries, a world army or world citizenship. It is enough for unelected transnational bureaucracies to successfully push through phenomena such as a "global digital currency system," "global digital identity," "global ESG standards" or "global digital health networks", and a de facto world government will emerge, making it completely impossible to escape from institutional oppression, plunder, and surveillance.

Thus, a necessary and primary condition of fighting a would-be world government is not so much to sabotage the machinations of such transnational bureaucracies at the global level, but to paralyze their implementation at the local level. In other words, achieving victory over the builders of world government does not require establishing a unified global front of people of good will - it is enough if sufficient sobriety and vigilance is displayed by the representatives of a multitude of local fronts of people of good will, who know how to hack down global bureaucratic tentacles under the particular circumstances of time and place most effectively.

It only takes one David to knock down Goliath, so an entire army of Davids, even if territorially dispersed, should be able to accomplish the same feat all the more effectively. Likewise, it is enough to repeat appropriate warnings in all the languages of the world for this latest incarnation of the Tower of Babel to collapse. However, being victorious in this area requires constant awareness that the thing whose existence is openly announced is secretly created well in advance - thus, one should wish all people of good will that they too work well in advance on gaining the awareness in question.

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