Saturday, March 11, 2017

Anarcho-Capitalism and Economic Development

Anarcho-capitalism is not a utopian vision, but the natural future of a world that is increasingly ungovernable due to its ever-increasing economic mobility, social complexity, and entrepreneurial emancipation. If the world keeps developing along these lines, then, far from being just a normative ideal to be preached by libertarians, anarcho-capitalism will increasingly become a practical reality to be studied by social scientists, particularly those working on the intersection of law, economics, and management.

Such an approach, rather than rebelling against the inevitable consequences of consistent economic and social development and complexification, will be the best way to make these consequences maximally comprehensible, and thus maximally acceptable and accommodatable for all peaceful, cooperative individuals. Which, in turn, could make the processes leading to them more smooth, orderly, and painless: a development that would show the full potential of spontaneous social ordering.

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