Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Tiktok and Snapchat: Virtual Brainwashers

Dear parents: make sure to discourage your children - both younger and older - from any contact with applications called Tiktok and Snapchat. Not by force, as this can make them look like "forbidden fruit", but with the help of wise and caring persuasion. This task is even more urgent in the era of more or less forced virtualization of many areas of life, when the Internet is becoming an exceptionally voracious time eater.

Why are these applications so dangerous? To put things bluntly but accurately, they are essentially giant, extremely aggressive brainwashers that operate on the basis of "soft" forms of MKUltra techniques. Anyone who is unfamiliar with this term should consult at least the basic materials on the phenomenon in question. While, at the end of the day, it is truly a bottomless subject, in the context of the aforementioned "social media", MKUltra techniques involve literal brainwashing (i.e., dissolving one's cognitive abilities, moral sensitivity, good taste, and natural spiritual intuitions) by means of ceaseless, intrusive stimulation, subliminal perception, and creating a mind-numbingly hypnotic, narcotic atmosphere. When one's mind is sufficiently conditioned and permanently infantilized in this way - and the developing minds of children and adolescents are particularly susceptible to such influences - it can subsequently be infiltrated with sounds, images, and messages capable of normalizing every absurdity, every delusion, every vulgarity, and every perversion, which is then treated as just another form of "entertainment", "creativity" or "self-expression".

In view of the above, it should come as no surprise that there has recently been a veritable outpouring of individuals - especially children and "young adults" - who, having behaved normally for a longer period of time, suddenly declare that they want to "change their gender", that they are "genderless", that they are depressed due to an alleged "climate catastrophe", or that it is necessary to kneel before Neo-Marxist terrorists known as BLM. I caution against downplaying the above phenomena and reducing them to the level of ordinary youthful silliness, which is naturally bound to dissipate over time - this is not age-old juvenile experimentation with the forbidden fruit, but typical dissociative and post-trumatic attitudes caused by falling prey to devious techniques of behavioral control.

Applications such as Tiktok and Snapchat are not the only culprits here - to a lesser extent, the influence of "soft" MKUltra brainwashing can also be seen on Instagram (whose use should also be discouraged, especially among children, since it is by no means an indispensable medium of communication), as well as in numerous popular music videos and TV series (especially on Netflix), but here one can resort to the principle of separating the wheat from the chaff - they are typically distinguishable on the basis of contrast. The first two of the abovementioned applications, on the other hand, were created solely for the purpose of nefarious psychological manipulation, the former being, according to recent data, the most downloaded application in the world. This should make us realize the scale and intensity of the relevant threats.

The foregoing remarks are neither a joke, nor a hiperbole, nor panic-mongering, nor groundless grumbling, but an accurate description of meticulously organized and very well-paid operations which, if not countered, will lead to the emergence of a generation so intellectually, morally, and spiritually emasculated that living a normal life will be an absolutely unbearable duty for it. Thus, if you are parents, counter these machinations as quickly as possible, and if you are not, inform your parent friends on the matter: not in the spirit of alarmism, but by patiently elucidating the causal relationships which have become exceptionally (and negatively) influential in today's world of unprecedented communicative sloppiness and childish immediatism.

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