Sunday, June 25, 2017

Self-governance, Rationality, and Secession

Contemplation is a form of internal emigration or mental secession, and every contemplative knows how valuable it can be for the life of the mind. Libertarian secession - a striving for full sovereignty over one's private property and the physical space delimited by it - is a natural extension of the contemplative impulse from the realm of pure throught to the realm of action. Mental self-governance demands its physical - that is, propertarian - counterpart in order to maintain the balance of sanity that is so fundamental for every rational creature.

No wonder that so-called politics, which is essentially an endless war on propertarian self-governance, is an endless source of conflictual insanity. And no wonder that the first step to break out of its destructive deadlock is to be absolutely clear about its irredeemable nature. It most certainly cannot be changed, but it can be cooperatively opted out of, and thereby starved into oblivion. And the more starved it is, the more well-nourished is the self-governing rationality that constitutes the lodestar of a well-led life.

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