Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Entrepreneurship, Politics, Virtues, and Sins

Free market entrepreneurship embodies all the cardinal virtues: prudence (the ability to forecast the uncertain future and create a viable business plan), courage (the willingness to take risks and disregard the conventional wisdom), temperance (the ability to delay gratification and commit one's resources to a long-term project), and justice (the necessity of fulfilling one's contractual obligations).

Politics embodies all the cardinal sins: lust for coercive power, greed for extorted money, gluttony (over-consumption and waste of expropriated resources), sloth (the unwillingness to be productive fueled by the ability to live at the expense of others), wrath (exclusive reliance on institutionalized violence, aggression, and intimidation), envy (the desire to bring down the honestly successful), and pride (the belief that one is not bound by morality).

Which one will you trust?

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