Sunday, February 12, 2012

State and Corporations - A Perfect Marriage

Corporations need the state, because only the state can, through its coercive interferences in the economy, provide them with grants, subsidies, monopoly privileges, and political contracts, by virtue of which they retain their privileged economic position and their abnormal size.

The state needs corporations, because it can use their existence and their unnatural influence as a permanent excuse for expanding its power and legitimizing such expansion in the eyes of the voting masses who fall for anti-capitalist propaganda (not to mention various gifts that politicians and bureaucrats receive from their grateful corporate allies).

In effect, the more the state grows, the more do the corporations, and vice versa, and so on until the moment when the political-corporate complex bankrupts itself by finally killing the goose that lays its golden eggs - i.e., the last remnants of the free enterprise system.

Unless the masses see things for what they are and reject voluntary servitude.

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