Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ideas Good and Bad: A Subjective Listing

If I were to name what I consider to be the ten most destructive and pernicious doctrines ever conceived that still retain various degrees of popularity, those would make the list (roughly in order of malignancy): Marxism, Keynesianism, welfare statism, coercive democratism, nationalism, militarism, postmodernism, positivism, scientism, anti-religionism. I am quite convinced that ridding the world of their influence (which could happen only as a result of their voluntary, conscious rejection) would make it an unprecedentedly humane and civilized place.

Fortunately, there are also what I consider as salutary and beneficial counterparts of the abovementioned malignant forces, among which I would single out the following ten: classical liberalism/libertarianism, rationalism, individualism, causal realism, marginalism, non-interventionism, Christianity, scholasticism, secessionism, abolitionism.

I would contend that the progress or regress of human civilization depends on which of these sets of ideas prevails. For the time being, I remain cautiously optimistic about the matter.

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